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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another Australian icon down the drain

A letter arrived not so long ago informing me that Simarloo, the only remaining manufacturer of Australian glace fruits had closed down. As long as I can remember and even long before Australia has produced superlative glace fruit and exported it to discerning buyers. I remember a shop in the rue St Honore in Paris well known for its select products from foreign lands putting a wooden box of plump glistening glace apricots labelled Made in Australia in pride of place in their window for all the passers by to admire. I was very proud of those apricots. The little shop is still there - you can tell it by the sacks of coffee beans in the window - instead of a wooden box of glistening apricots. I hope someone in Australia will be brave enough to restart the glace fruit production and I will be their first customer.


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