Tuesday, 15 January 2013

STIRRING THE SENSES - my book is finally here

STIRRING THE SENSES is a book for everyone - whether you like to travel by transport or in an armchair or cook or just read about amusing incidents which could happen even to you if you are in the right place at the right time. STIRRING THE SENSES is the result of 30 years travelling and cooking in Italy with the most talented Italian cooks. It takes you from my favourite exotic Sicily where all the flavours and colours of the Middle East blend with those of France, Spain, Greece and Italy truly stirred my senses, up the boot through central and northern Italy with equally delicious food. Even now as I gaze out the window at towering gum trees in my mind's eye I can visualise the pasta made lovingly by hand golden from the richest of yolks, flavoured with tomatoes with an incredible richness and sweetness or with the most inventive of fillings, the savoury crostata and breads lifted from the ordinary by adding anchovies or olives the truly exotic watermelon gelo brilliant in colour studded with dark bitter sweet chocolate, pistachio nuts and the glace cedro which comes in a range of beautiful greens. I have grapes ripening in my garden nearly ready to form the base of the sapori dei sapore. This is truly a magical concoction. Neither a jam nor a condiment like mostarda, it can be used as both and in so many other ways. This precious recipe was given to me by a wonderful cook in Forli from her grandmother's collection. It can only be made in the autumn when new season apples, pears, quinces and citrus arrive yet ripe figs are still with us. At least 10 fruits are needed but its flavour will enthral you. STIRRING THE SENSES is available for $50 on collection (or add $15 for postage). Just contact me on belpane@optusnet.com.au for details.


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